About our company

When it comes to the filtration of a wide variety of suspensions for individual solid-liquid separation tasks, we are the optimal contact for you. OFS Ostwald Filtration Systems GmbH has many years of experience and broad know-how in the manufacture of filter presses including suitable accessories for every plant. Depending on the customer's application, chamber filter presses or membrane filter presses may be considered. Our employees will competently advise you with their expertise in the selection of the suitable filter technology.

Our corporate philosophy is to offer our customers an innovative process engineering solution for their very specific separation problem - including low operating costs and high safety and quality standards. Our in-depth knowledge of the chemical, food, mining and wastewater industries ensures that you receive both the best possible design for your filter press and seamless integration of the plant into your overall production processes.

How do we do it?

There are more than 1,000 possible applications for filter presses in the industries mentioned. Accordingly, this area of machine and plant engineering has very many facets that must be taken into account and requires individual solutions that are always newly thought out and designed.

In order to achieve a perfect separation result, OFS engineers first carry out a detailed analysis. In this process, certain parameters are defined on the basis of existing process data and experience. The most important are whether a chamber or a membrane filter press should be considered, and what capacity the system should provide. For this purpose, we calculate the required volume and area of the filter plates.

Other factors are the individual process times in your company and machine-specific criteria such as discharge speed, washing cycles, etc. We then determine how the filter plates and the filter cloth must be designed in terms of pressure, temperature and chemical resistance. Once these questions regarding your new filter press have been clarified, we integrate the peripheral plant components such as the feed pump, the filter cake conveyor and the entire process control system.

Other services

In addition to planning, design and construction of new machines and plants, OFS offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and upgrades. This includes individual maintenance contracts for preventive maintenance, but also solutions for the refurbishment and modernization of existing filter presses and process engineering upgrades to the latest state of the art.

Any conversions from chamber filter presses to membrane filter presses or the adaptation of conditioning systems to appropriate additives are worked out and implemented with the customer, taking into account economical plant operation.

Talk to us so that together we can develop an innovative solution for your specific needs.

You have questions? We are the right contact.

Filtration is our passion

You have questions? We are the right contact.

Filtration is our passion

We are a manufacturer for chamber and membrane filter presses used in various industries as chemical, food, mining and wastewater.

As an established company with many years of experience, we guarantee sophisticated technical solutions, maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and the highest safety and quality standards.

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You have questions? We are the right contact.

Filtration is our passion