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The corporate values of OFS Ostwald Filtration Systems GmbH

Corporate statement

OFS Ostwald Filtration Systems GmbH is a company that supplies its machines and services to almost all municipal and industrial sectors. Together we create added value for our customers through innovative solutions to separation problems. During planning and implementation we bring people, machines and materials to the right place at the right time. This enables us to realise complex projects on time and in the right quality. In all considerations we are guided by our values. They guide our actions towards our employees, our customers, suppliers and the company.


The work of people and their smooth interaction represent the essence of what is important in mechanical and plant engineering. Only by working together in partnership it is possible to achieve what is not possible for the individual. This applies internally and externally across national borders. Furthermore, partnership is characterised by equal rights based on respect, honesty, fairness and appreciation. In order to ensure that a cooperation based on partnership flourishes and is consolidated, relationships are of paramount importance to us. In dialogue with customers and colleagues, we actively listen to them in order to fulfil their expectations for the implementation of projects.


Like partnership, trust is only made possible through respect, honesty and appreciation. Furthermore, transparency and a sense of responsibility are indispensable for everyone in the company. We rely on trust in all areas. A high degree of personal responsibility and commitment is one of our fundamental principles.


The comprehensive applications of filtration have a profound impact on our living space. The effects on the environment and humans are manifold and long-term. The knowledge of this fact obliges us to act every day. We develop solutions to protect and efficiently use our resources. Together we are responsible. In this way, we ensure that future generations have an environment worth living in. To secure our future in the long term, we want to grow profitable in the long term.


The key to meeting future challenges is innovation and the flexibility to adapt to circumstances. Due to the large number of applications, we have a high degree of flexibility with an openness to new ideas. We attach great importance to the continuous development of our products, processes and know-how.


Everyone in our company must be able to count on each other. We must not forget that our success depends on the trust of our clients and that we have to earn this trust again and again. That is why our customers, their wishes and expectations are the focus of our thoughts and actions. Thanks to our disciplined approach, our clients can expect us to complete complex projects reliably within the agreed quality, deadline and cost framework. Only a high standard guarantees long-term and reliable partnerships.

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