Design und Project Management

Safety and sustainability are capitalized!

Every customer strives to make his investments as effective as possible. In addition to the process-related performance features of the machine or system, product quality naturally plays an equally decisive role in the investment decision. OFS meets these criteria in every respect!

OFS filter presses are designed according to the latest calculation methods and safety standards. The individual machine components are calculated using the numerical calculation method of the Finite Element Method (FEM). This guarantees an OFS machine design at the highest quality level!

The machines are designed in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. In addition to the design, this means that all safety-relevant components are designed redundantly. Examples are the monitoring of the hydraulic pressure, the position monitoring of the pressure piece, the membrane pressure release etc. Our quality standard is continued in the control technology, where generally programmable logic controllers (PLC) in fail-safe design are used.

With the quality level of OFS filter presses, all filtration tasks, such as classical applications in waste water, food (FDA) or filtration of explosive media (ATEX) are a sustainable investment. This means that OFS solves your filtration task without endangering the resources of future generations.

Our project management is also carried out with this awareness. Components are selected under the premise of continuous plant operation with maximum performance, maximum results and minimum operating costs.

The use of state-of-the-art planning tools ensure professional detail engineering, which eliminates problems in interface management in particular.

The design and project management of OFS Ostwald Filtration Systems GmbH filter presses and accessories ensure

  • maximum availability
  • maximum filtration results
  • maximum throughput
  • minimum operating costs

OFS experts offer you the optimum solution and support you during your entire plant operation.

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Filtration is our passion