Filter automat

for mineral and chemical applications

OFS Filter Automat Type OFA und OFV

The OFS Filter Automat was developed especially for mineral, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The fully automated and unattended operation enables highest throughputs at lowest operating costs. A special control system monitors all machine and process functions, ensuring maximum machine availability.

The OFS Filter Automat is available in different machine enclosures. From splash guard to independent air circulation design, requirements of specific applications are met. Integrated cloth cleaning and automated cake discharge complete the unattended machine operation.

OFS System Solution

On request OFS supplies the OFA  / OFV automatic filter as a stand-alone filter unit. Peripheral equipment is integrated into the basic design. The complete unit can be immediately installed in your plant by plug & play.

Additional Options

  • Feeding system
  • Membrane inflation system
  • Fittings and instruments
  • Cake weighing equipment
  • Filter cake transport equipment
  • Plant control systems
  • Examination of plant safety
  • Service solutions and service contracts

Available Sizes
Filter Automat Type OFA / OFV

  • 470 x 470 mm
  • 630 x 630 mm
  • 800 x 800 mm
  • 1000 x 1000 mm
  • 1200 x 1200 mm

from 0,5 up to 120 m² filter area.

Optional machine equipment

Automatic filter cloth washing device
Automatische Filtertuchreinigung

The integrated filter cloth cleaning system removes impurities from the filter cloths. This guarantees the tightness of the filter, maintains the throughput capacity, and minimizes the wear of the filter cloths.

Drip trays

To prevent rewetting of the dewatered filter cake, drip trays are installed under the filter plate pack. The moisture produced during filtration or automatic filter cloth cleaning is removed through the trays. Depending on the application, the drip trays are made of polypropylene or stainless steel. The drainage of the water is provided through an integrated or external launder.

Filter cake – discharge systems
Filterkuchen - Austragssysteme

Depending on the filter cake properties, additional support is required for filter cake discharge. OFS offers a comprehensive range of solutions, adapted to the adhesion behavior between filter cake and filter cloth. Monitoring of the different systems is obligatory.

Available systems:

  • Tilting frames
  • Plate- shaking register
  • Plate- shaking single plate
  • Software- shaking
Corrosion protection

Due to decades of experience, especially in chemistry and metallurgy, OFS has comprehensive knowledge of corrosion protection of filter presses. Adapted to the product characteristics, optimal measures are provided for the protection of the parts in contact with the product.

Following can be applied:

  • Polypropylene- cladding
  • Stainless steel- cladding
  • Rubber coating
  • In the case of overhead machines, additional separation of the plate transport by plate suspension with lashes and traverse and installation of a tarpaulin .
  • Cylinder protection bellows
  • Special painting
Membrane inflation system
Filterkuchen Nachpresseinrichtung

Air or water as inflation medium is used for membrane squeezing of the filter cake. If water is used, a multistage centrifugal pump or eccentric screw pump provides the necessary pressure behind the membranes for best possible dewatering of the filter cake. OFS supplies prefabricated units for quick assembly. These are mounted on base frames, completely piped and equipped with the necessary measuring and control technology. For safe machine operation, the filter press is equipped with SIL2 pressure switches and redundant membrane pressure relief valves.

Filter cake washing und blowing
Filterkuchen  waschen und trocken blasen

The great advantage of filter presses is their process variability. In addition to dewatering, filter cake can be washed optionally. In this process step, the mother liquid can be replaced by another liquid or soluble salts can be washed out of the filter cake. Due to the discontinuous operation, highest wash-out degrees can be achieved. The residual filter cake moisture can be reduced by filter cake blowing. The capillary liquid contained in the filter cake is displaced by applying a pressurised gas, e.g. air or nitrogen.

Maximum results are achieved with the combination of an OFS filter plate configuration with the OFS process control.

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