Machine and plant intelligence

The intelligent OFS control system is an autonomous process monitoring and continuous process optimisation of filter presses. With the intelligent OFS control system, the filter press is operated economically and ecologically to the greatest possible extent. The process parameters of the individual process steps are continuously recorded and evaluated. After the evaluation, the parameters are adjusted to the current process conditions if necessary. The self-optimising system keeps the operation of the filter press continuously in the best possible way. This means consistent results particularly regarding:

  • Maximum throughput
  • Maximum dry solid content in the filter cake
  • Minimal use of auxiliary materials (conditioning agents, washing liquids, etc.)
  • Maximum degree of automation

A preventive and automated maintenance is essential to maintain an optimal economic and ecological operation. By evaluating the process parameters, the cleaning of the filter cloths is automatically included in the maintenance programme. A permanent drop in throughput or a blocking of the fabrics is detected by the system and reported to the operator. Running times of the individual units or wear indicators are displayed in the system. In this way, maintenance stops can be planned and unprepared downtimes can be almost eliminated.

Machine and process information requirements :

  • Sludge concentration
  • Sludge flow
  • Sludge pressure
  • Sludge quantity / DS- quantity
  • Sludge temperature
  • Filtrate flow
  • Filtrate quantity
  • Membrane pressure
  • Membrane press water volume
  • Membrane pressure gradient
  • Wash water flow
  • Wash water pressure
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity / pH value
  • Process times of the individual operating stages

The following preventive maintenance parameters are also evaluated:

  • Number of batches
  • Time / date / hours
  • Operating / running time hydraulics / pumps / compressor etc.
  • Rotational Speeds
  • Comparison of standard pump curves with operating curves

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