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Process sequence chamber filter press
Process sequence membrane filter press

Filter presses are discontinuously operating pressure filters for solid-liquid separation of suspensions and are characterised by their high separation efficiency, the high solids content that can be achieved and the low energy consumption.

Filtration processes cannot be calculated by theoretical approaches. The calculation formulas known from literature, such as the Darcy equation, are only approximations. In general, it should be noted that the results obtained can only be verified by tests and that changing product properties cannot be mapped. OFS has a wide range of experience and know-how in the most different applications.

In trials, the OFS experts determine the process parameters of the individual process steps for the design and so ensure the optimum and efficient operation of the filter press. The testing of different filter plate designs and filter cloth technologies for best possible suitability ensures maximum product results and minimum operating costs of the large-scale plant.

Besides the determination of process times, process pressures and other process parameters, great attention is paid to the rheology of the suspension and the filter cake properties. Based on these findings, the appropriate selection of plant equipment, such as pumps, conveyors and valves, is made.

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